Tixati: The featherweight with some PUNCH


So we all know ThePirateBay.org… My mistake, ThePirateBay.se has been straddling some pretty rough seas lately, and though I havent really followed the situation that closely one thing I did notice was the crossover from torrent files to the “bigger and better” magnet links.


New and Improved "magnet links"


Now magnet links aren’t “new”, I’ve encountered them from time to time on my hunt for anime episodes, and reflexively avoided them like the plague. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like they’re particularly troublesome, I just personally liked being able to download and store my torrent files for obvious reasons; so I can back them up to a folder so just in case something gets deleted its much easier to do a local search on my HDD and download again rather than have to scour the internet again – Just click and add to queue – and in addition I had gotten pretty attached to uTorrent. (RIP)

After the switch over my faithful uTorrent began throwing me all kinds of random errors so i assumed my version was having a nervous breakdown of some sort and gave it a rest for a few days. I downloaded the updated version and uTorrent was still being bipolar, so I put him into early retirement and decided to look for a new client.

At first I tried Vuze, and let me tell you – that little blue frog hippity hopped all over my nerves. It’s not bad but it isn’t all that good either – bloated and moving at a glacial pace coupled with kindergarten cutesy interface. I shot that kermit DEAD after two days and gave up all hope.



Then I came across Tixati and I was blown away. now let me warn you before you get all hyped up and have your hopes dashed, this aint your grandma’s torrent client. If you’re looking for smooth glossy buttons, flashy icons and cute animated progress bars then you’re something outta luck.  (censored for the kiddies out there, but you know what I mean.)











Its like if you took uTorrent and put it on a water diet, but it work like a beast. The simplicity of the interface makes it so you don’t have to tunnel through piles and piles of sub-menu text to find what you’re looking for and yet has all the features and more of most popular clients and is compatible with Windows 32 and 64 bit as well as Linux.



Check them out here at Tixati.com

iPhone 4 – iOS 5.1 is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

Its amazing how a single tweet can set the world ablaze (well at least my world!) a tweet from Pod2g of the Cydia community’s twitter feed followed by a post from Redmond Pie has given us all a rise of hope. It seems he’s finally been able to created an untethered jailbreak for iOS5.1.


The tweet that was heard around the world


No word on a release date as yet, but there hope for all those who were able to preserve their baseband on the upgrade from 4.3.3 – 5.1 that’s still unlockable by Ultrasnow may be in luck to have a fully unlocked AND untethered device. I’ll keep my ear to the ground, send me your twigets and I’ll tweet you once more information surfaces.


Regards, Andre.

Saturday morning Ebay deals

I have come to realize that I have a serious online shopping addiction, hours of opening tab after tab on Ebay well into the night and sometimes into the following morning; insomnia has many friends he likes to invite to the party. Needless to say, my loss of sleep in your gain in tech as i’ve found three of many items that might just come in handy around – one can never have too many 23 inch monitors or wireless routers around – especially for keeping multiple Ebay pages, Facebook, Twitter, Picassa as well as running a movie in the background for “ambiance”.

So without further delay I present to you some scores and are pretty reasonable in price and shouldn’t cost you and arm and a leg to import either (I’m choking a customs officer with the force as we speak). Just click on the on  the images and they’ll take you right to the listings.


Samsung 23" LED Monitor S23A550H



Samsung 24" LED Monitor S24A300B


and last but not least….


Netgear WNDR3400 Wireless 'N' Dual Band Router


I suggest you act fast as I’ve already ordered on of the 24 inch monitors and the Netgear router, what can I say  (Trinidad really needs to get a rehab clinic for sleep deprived internet shoppers) So see you next time and have a great weekend.


Regards, Andre

Curve 9220 officially announced.


RIM officially announced its latest addition to the Curve lineup yesterday. Introducing the Curve 9220, an entry level smartphone based on OS7.1.

This entry level handset comes with the usual 2.44 inch 65k colour screen, EDGE and GPRS as well as WLAN 802.11 b, g, and n. Given that OS7.1 comes pre loaded there’s the expected 512mb of ROM and RAM respectively and MicroSD expandable up to 32gb. Continue reading

An Interview with Mark Lyndersay

Mark Lyndersay

Mark Lyndersay has taken time out of his very hectic schedule to answer a few questions for us here at TechTing.net. Mr. Lyndersay has been writing about technology on an almost constant basis since 1995 (I’ve been reading him since about that time), being published in the Trinidad Guardian and Trinidad Express newspapers. His musings, as well as much of his photographic work can be found at his website. Read on for a peak into the mind of Mark Lyndersay.

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Virtualization – Getting Started (Part 1)


If you’re an IT professional or have more than a passing interest in tech, you know that you have to be constantly updating your skill set or risk becoming irrelevant. One of the new technologies which has risen to prominence in recent years is Virtualization. Virtualization has been driven by a need for enterprises to scale their IT infrastructure effectively and affordability as well as the explosion of cloud services. Making this feasible of course, is the speed at which processor performance has increased as well as provisions for hardware accelerated virtualization in those same processors.

Virtualization, though dating back to the 1960′s, has come quite a long way in the last decade. My first exposure to virtualization was with Virtual PC on the Mac. At the time, while this solution allowed you to use some of your Windows apps, they ran quite slowly – you just cared that it worked.

Today, virtualization is driving the adoption of a new type of thin-client desktop computing solution for corporations. By centralizing computing power in the data center and pushing a full, familiar desktop environment to end-users, cost saving in terms of hardware purchasing and retraining are realized. What’s old is new again.

There are many players in the Virtualzation space. Some of the products include VMware, Microsoft Virtual PC and Hyper-V, Oracle VirtualBox, Parallels, and so on. While each has it’s pros and cons, what it comes down to is what works and what makes sense in your environment.

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PlayBook to support Android and BlackBerry Java Apps

RIM has announced that it’s BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, to be released on April 19th, will have support for Android and BlackBerry Java apps in addition to it’s native BlackBerry Tablet OS apps. This will be available when RIM launches two “app players” that provide an application run-time environment for BlackBerry Java apps and Android v2.3 apps. The “app players” will run in a sandboxed environment on the PlayBook. App developers will be able to publish their apps in the BlackBerry App World they  will also need to “repackage, code sign and submit their BlackBerry Java and Android apps to BlackBerry App World.” The app players themselves will also be available for download from App World.

RIM also announced that the Native C/C++ will be added to the PlayBook SDK allowing developers to take advantage of the platform hardware themselves.

With potential access to 200,000 Android apps, does this new addition to the PlayBook feature set make it more attractive to you?

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Amazon Launches Android Appstore – Useless for Trinis

Amazon has launched it’s own application marketplace for the Android platform. This will compete directly with Google’s Android Market. The appstore has been launched with exclusive access to Angry Birds Rio, which will be available free of charge for a limited time. In addition, Amazon will feature a new paid app available for free every 24 hours. This sounds like a pretty good way to encourage users to try the store out.

In order to use the Amazon appstore, users will need to download it to their mobile device. To do so, you can visit the appstore’s website and enter an email address or phone number to which you will be sent a download link. Alternatively, you can find direct download links if you search hard enough. As the appstore is not available in Android Market, users will be not be able install it unless they allow the installation of non-Market application by selecting the “Unknown sources” option in the device’s application settings. Amazon makes light of this requirement, which will likely scare some users, in an introductory video by saying, “Remember, it’s just Amazon”. Not sleazy-like at all…

Amazon Likes Geography

Currently, the appstore is only working in the Unites States, but they will eventually roll it out to more countries. In countries which are unsupported (TT included), users are unable to even download free apps. This is in contrast to the native Market which provides access to free apps, provided that you meet the geographical requirements set by the app developer. Utilizing HotSpot Shield to “pretend” that we were in the US proved to be an exercise in futility, so don’t even bother.


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